50 Celebrities Who Lost Their Life to Drugs, Part I

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Whether you live on Park Avenue or a park bench, addiction doesn’t discriminate. Following is a list of 50 memorable celebrities who have passed away from overdoses or substance-related incidents.

50) Edgar Allan Poe

(1809-1849). The writer died from an overdose of a combination of multiple drugs and factors. Many different theories exist about his death—from poisoning to alcohol withdrawal.

49) Robert Walker

(1918-1951). The actor, best known for starring in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Strangers on a Train,” died from an overdose of sedatives.

48) Frida Kahlo

(1907-1954). The official cause of death was pulmonary embolism, even though no autopsy was performed. New research shows she may have committed suicide by an overdose of opiates.

47) Ryan Dunn

(1977-2011) The actor/stunt man died from an accidental motorvehicle collision while intoxicated.

 46) Ona Munson

(1903-1955). The “Gone with the Wind” actor died from an overdose of sleeping pills.

45) Jackson Pollock

(1912-1956). The painter died in a car accident while heavily intoxicated.

44) Marilyn Monroe

(1926-1962). The actress died from a barbiturates overdose. Suicide was suspected.

43) Dorothy Dandridge

(1922-1965). The actress and singer died from an overdose of antidepressants.

42) Lenny Bruce

(1925-1966). The comedian died from a morphine overdose.

41) Judy Garland

(1922-1969). The actress/singer died from a barbiturate overdose.

40) Edie Sedgwick

(1943-1971). The actor died from barbiturates and alcohol.

39) Jim Morrison

(1943-1971). The Doors singer died from heart failure caused by heroin.

38) Sid Vicious

(1957-1979). The Sex Pistols musician died from a suspected suicide caused by a heroin overdose.

37) John Bonham

(1948-1980). The drummer for Led Zeppelin died from choking on his own vomit while heavily intoxicated.

36) Natalie Wood

(1938-1981). Died from drowning while intoxicated. Natalie had traces of painkillers in her blood, which only increased the effect of alcohol.

35) William Holden

(1918-1981). The actor officially died from a fall where he bled to death. He was heavily intoxicated at the time.

34) Truman Capote

(1924-1984). The writer officially died from liver disease, complicated by phlebitis and multiple drug intoxication.

33) Patrick Bissell

(1957-1987). The ballet dancer died from an overdose of cocaine, codeine, methadone and other unspecified drugs.

32) Jean-Michel Basquiat

(1960-1988). The painter died from a heroin overdose.

31) David Ruffin

(1941-1991). The Temptations singer died from a cocaine overdose.

30) Shannon Hoon

(1967-1995). The Blind Melon lead singer died from an overdose of cocaine.

29) Dana Plato

(1964-1999). The actor from “Different Strokes”. Death was ruled a suicide from an overdose of carisoprodol and hydrocodone/paracetamol.

28) Glenn Quinn

(1970-2002). The “Roseanne” actor passed away from an overdose of unspecified drugs.

27) Harris Wittels

(1984-2015). The comedian passed away from a heroin overdose.

26) Bobby Hatfield

(1940-2003). The Righteous Brothers singer died from a drug-induced heart attack caused by cocaine.

25) Robert Pastorelli

(1954-2004). The “Murphy Brown” actor died from an overdose of heroin.

24) Ike Turner

(1931-2007). The musician died from a cocaine overdose.

23) Brad Renfro

(1982-2008). The actor died from an accidental overdose of heroin and morphine.

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