Don’t Tell Me I Have a Disease with No Cure!

NW Narconon Graduate
N.W.—Narconon Graduate

When I came to Narconon Louisiana I was completely broken, and I honestly did not believe I could get better. I was not only an addict, but I was traumatized and had become a hermit who could barely function. I was angry, hurt, depressed, afraid and all I wanted was to make the pain go away. I was walking around, talking and breathing, but I was basically dead. I could barely talk to people, I had violent night terrors, fits of rage, fits of grief, and I was so severely depressed that death seemed like it would be better.

Then I arrived at Narconon. The people who worked in the withdrawal unit were kind, caring, experienced and capable. They gave me all the tender loving care anyone could ever hope for when they are detoxing and feeling down. They got me through it, and I will never forget them.

The next portion of the program was a Sauna detox which was AMAZING. I exercised, took vitamins, ate healthy, sat in the sauna and began to rebuild myself physically. The results were numerous. Sauna brought me out of the fog mentally. Sauna also gave me my energy back, and I was able to work and produce again. This was a wonderful gift because I was able to create a healthy routine that reinforced me feeling good every day, morning to bed. Sauna ERASED my cravings for drugs and alcohol. Lastly, Sauna gave me back my sleep. I began falling asleep quickly and sleeping well all night long. I haven’t had normal sleep even as a child! When I woke up in the morning I was rested and ready to start the day. That one thing alone changed my demeanor and my ability to face the day with excitement again. It had been a long, long time since I was excited about anything at all.

Then I went to the Objectives Course. Objectives changed me from an overly emotional, hot mess into a confident, calm and capable woman. I had realizations during Objectives that were life-changing and realizations I will never forget. All of my heavy baggage became more of a light carry-on because of Objectives. I transformed into a clear-headed and confident person again who could see things as they really are and tackle tasks and problems without wavering. I was able to break bad habits and stop doing things that seemed automatic to me. At the end of Objectives, I felt like I no longer carried the world on my shoulders. I could do anything!

The Life Skills portion of the program was an amazing experience as well. I discovered things about myself I never knew but that made everything in my life make sense. All the puzzle pieces came together, and all my problems were suddenly things I could understand and solve. The counseling was amazing and put me back in control of my life. I was no longer depressed or afraid.

“Just imagine all the hurt and fear, confusion and anger suddenly dissolving! Everything clicked into place and I now feel like a whole person who loves life!”

Just imagine all the hurt and fear, confusion and anger suddenly dissolving! Everything clicked into place and I now feel like a whole person who loves life! I got help with family problems, relationship problems, self-esteem and anger issues, etc. Life is still hard sometimes, but I no longer need alcohol or drugs to solve my problems.

Don’t tell me I have a disease with no cure! Don’t tell me I have to go to a meeting every day to resist the urge to use. Don’t tell me sobriety is not fun. I don’t crave alcohol or drugs anymore. I don’t think about using alcohol or drugs. I don’t want or need alcohol or drugs. I wake up in the morning excited about life and I go to bed happy at night. I laugh out loud each day and I plan on doing that forever. Thank you so much for helping me to change as a person and for helping me to truly love life!

N.W.—Narconon Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.