Finally Stopped My Drug Use

Narconon Graduate SS

My life had been a series of ups and downs. My parents divorced and I struggled with drug abuse and had fights with those around me for years before I finally arrived at Narconon. Now that I have successfully completed the Narconon program, I feel better than when I arrived and I’m very fortunate my parents sent me here.

One of the great things I really liked is that it was a homier setting rather than a hospital setting.

“Now I have a much better chance of survival and
success in the world.”

Even though things were sometimes difficult for me, there were great staff members to help me and make me smile. I feel without this program I would have kept doing what I was doing and producing nothing for the world around me. Now I have a much better chance of survival and success in the world. By going through the program, I have had an opportunity which I would otherwise have missed. I am grateful for that and for the fact that I have finally stopped my drug use.

—SS Narconon Graduate

The Narconon program consists of a precise series of steps starting with getting a person off everything they abused in a holistic and medically supervised environment. This is done without putting the person on other drugs. When a person completes the withdrawal portion of the program, they are completely off drugs without the need for further medication.

The next step is the New Life Detoxification—a sauna program done to remove any toxins from the body due to past drug use. Along with nutrition and vitamins, the sauna detoxification helps the body fully recover from the long-term effects of drug abuse. If you have seen someone who is severely addicted, you know they are often severely weak and malnourished. 

The next part of the program is Objectives. These focus on getting a person’s attention into the present, while getting them to stop living in the past. Objectives also help put an end to irrational behavior. The person will learn patience and better ways to deal with life situations and increase the ability to communicate.

Next is the part of the program where the person addresses the relationships in his or her life, gets relief from the guilt connected to past actions and learns how to move forward. Each relationship is taken up one at a time and the issues that have caused rifts with their loved ones is addressed. They also learn how to analyze the people they meet and decide who is good to have in their life and who isn’t. All of this is done to address the underlying issues which lead them to drug or alcohol addiction in the first place.

The end result of the Narconon program is a person who has become a productive, contributing member of society.

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Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.