How do You Recover from the Physical Damage of Addiction?

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When someone spends every day putting drugs and into their system, simply getting sober only handles part of the problem. Many addicts find that even though it is good to be sober, they still feel the damage done to their body.

There is a program which addresses the physical damage caused by drug addiction. The new life detoxification program focuses on removing the drug residuals from the body and getting the person to physically feel better. Through a regimen of diet, vitamins and time spent in a sauna, a person begins to feel the way they did before ever doing drugs.

Here are testimonials from former drug addicts who completed the New Life Detoxification program.

Their names have been removed to protect their privacy.

“Before sauna, my mind was running slow and things weren’t clicking very fast. After sauna, my mind is now just as fast as my body. I can tell I ran out sun radiation in the beginning of the program. I also had some days with extreme irritability.
“I realized alcohol is a liability and not an asset. I’m also spent too many years slaving myself for others. But no longer. The true result for me is feeling better physically and mentally. My thoughts are clearer, my body feels refreshed and I can come up with solutions quicker. I feel completely free of drugs and toxins.” —EG Narconon Student
“When I first began sauna, I felt tired most of the time and I couldn’t sleep very well. After completing the sauna program, I felt renewed mentally and physically. I feel I have a lot of natural energy built up inside of me. I felt like all the residues of the Xanax and Percocet’s have come out of my body. I no longer feel the effect of either one. I have come to realize I do not need any of these things in my life to live. Now that I have completed the sauna program, I feel I have eliminated all the drugs, toxins and impurities out of my body. I feel great!” —MH Narconon Student

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Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.