How Just Focusing on Drug Use in Treatment Misses the Point

Unhappy addict girl at rehab
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Addiction treatment tends to focus on the physical effects on the body—what substance a person is using and what type of medication they might need to get off the drugs they have been using. However, multiple things lead to drug addiction. Addressing these issues is an essential factor in individuals being able to leave their addiction in their past.

The majority of addicts will still have problems succeeding in life once they have gotten off their drug of choice. This is because substance abuse is not something one falls into without underlying precipitating factors, whether that is past trauma, an inability to face life, poor communication skills, or regret from previous actions. In fact, most people with substance dependence will have a combination of these factors.

Addressing these issues is necessary to ensure recovery is successful long term. That is what makes the Narconon program so successful at rehabilitating those in need of treatment since each of the steps of the program is meant to address one or more of these issues.

The Narconon New Life Retreat program starts with proper medical care and holistic methods that alleviate withdrawal symptoms—helping addicts get off the substances they have been abusing in the most comfortable, effective way possible.

Once the initial withdrawal has been completed, the person participates in a sauna detoxification program. This sauna program focuses on healing the long-term physical damage from drug and alcohol use. If you have a loved one who has been using either drugs or alcohol for an extended period, you may have noticed their physical appearance has declined. Many addicts develop nutritional deficiencies during their use, which is another factor that makes recovery difficult. Additionally, alcohol and drug abuse can numb them to the damage done to their body. However, once they achieve sobriety, they will feel the effects of that damage. With the sauna detoxification, the person can handle this damage without becoming overwhelmed and feeling they would never be able to repair themselves. Rejuvenated and in better health, they are ready to address the mental effects of their use.

The next stage is objectives, the part of the Narconon program which addresses communication skills and increases a person’s ability to face life. Many addicts have trouble staying in the present and feeling the emotions of life. With a tendency to hide within themselves by the use of drugs or distractions, many addicts walk through life, not addressing addiction problems and becoming wooden and almost unfeeling. Through a series of processes, they learn to communicate more effectively and face whatever life throws at them.

Then the life skills portion of the Narconon program focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying issues that led to their struggles with addiction. Locating the trauma, despair, regrets, and losses allows the person in recovery to open up honestly about what they have been experienced. In facing and handling these life difficulties, they will be able to work out a life plan built on their newfound skills and abilities.

The Narconon program follows an exact step-by-step plan to handle a person’s addiction once and for all. If you or one of your loved-ones needs help, give us a call today to help.



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.