I Beat My Addiction

PM Narconon Graduate

The overall success I got from the Narconon program was that I got to reinvent myself.

During sauna, I got rid of the drugs and toxins in my body and that’s when I made up my mind, I honestly didn’t want to be an addict anymore. Now I have all my energy back and feel better than ever. I had been previously heavily using cocaine and Xanax bars and had gotten lost in that world.

The Objectives helped me realize things that were truly life changing and very real to me. They also helped me get into present time, so I didn’t dwell on the past. They helped me with patience and I also learned how to control my emotions. They opened my eyes to a lot of the things I needed to work on. They helped me be able to focus on things and take my time and complete things I set out to do.

The life skills were my favorite part of the Narconon program because they made me take responsibility for and be honest about the things I had done. The life skills course also taught me how to talk to others better, truly know how to confront a situation, and get things off my chest that I needed to get off.

I was finally able to confront situations with my loved ones I had never had the courage to face. I have taken responsibility for the things I did. I got honest with them and began moving forward for the first time in years.

I was able to talk about things I had done wrong (from the littlest thing to things I thought I would never discuss) and clear my conscience. Before this, I didn’t realize how much of an impact these things had on me and my life and how much they influenced my behavior and attitude. I had never realized how the things that weighed me down effected how I treated other people and how I would go off on people.

I came to realize how my life went down the road it did, and I am ready to close that chapter in my life and open a new one to a new beginning. I had never felt this comfortable talking about what I had been through and I was able to be proud of myself for talking about everything.

It felt good to make up the damages I have done in my life. The staff were supportive and made me feel good about myself for moving forward. I made a routine plan that will help me stay sober out in the world. It was a huge step for me to talk to people and hear what steps I can take to continue my sobriety. I finally have a plan for the first time in my life to continue to grow and move forward. Overall, the program helped me in ways I would’ve never imagined. I truly see a change in myself.

—P.M. Narconon Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.