I Worked Hard to Change Everything!

Davis, Narconon Graduate

Davis - Narconon Graduate

I grew up in an awesome home. I would spend my summer days on historic excavation sites my dad worked on looking for Black Beard’s gold. I would ride around on my bike and dig in the dirt. There was always a home-cooked meal and a loving family whenever I got home. We enjoyed fishing and wakeboarding. I grew up loved.

Once I got to the 7th and 8th grade, even though my life was great, I was curious and started drinking and smoking pot. I continued for years taking different drugs and experimenting—all the while trying to keep up appearances.

I always had a job and I got a two-year degree. That was when things took a turn for the worse. I got caught with a felony and the plan for my life was derailed. I had been studying to be an anesthetist when charged and because I couldn’t practice those skills with a felony, I gave up my schooling.

I started working in a good job with a worldwide tire manufacturer at the age of 23. Then, when I was 25, I broke my leg, and that’s where things really spiraled.

I was prescribed Percocet’s for 6 months because of the pain in my leg and I really became a slave to drugs at that point. I spent god-awful amounts of money supporting the habit illegally.

At age 29, I switched to suboxone and stayed on that for two and a half years and then tapered off. I would still use other drugs, but stayed away from opiates for about two years.

Then I broke my other leg and the opiate use started right back up again. My cousin, who was my best friend, died from an overdose. This scared me into getting back on suboxone and that lasted for 3 years.

Things at that point were just insane. I had lied, cheated, used, let down and manipulated the people I love and I finally said enough was enough and checked into Narconon.

When I found Narconon, it just seemed right for me. I arrived on November 20th and I was a mess. I was dreading detox, but the staff were really there for me and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. They did a lot to help me feel better throughout the process.

After 7 days, I went into the sauna and I felt the toxins begin to leave my body. When I completed the detox, I felt the best I have felt in my entire adult life.

The Objectives helped me stay more in present time and push through difficulties. I realized that, if I just kept going, I could achieve whatever I wanted to. It wasn’t easy by any means, but I got a lot out of it.

In Life Skills, I worked really hard and got some awesome gains. I learned to choose who I should have in my life and who I need to stay away from. I got a lot of weight off my shoulders by taking responsibility for the wrongs I had done in the past and repairing the relationships in my life.

I learned how to move forward and what steps to take to continue to improve my condition in life.

Today I am in good shape (40 pounds heavier than the day I arrived at Narconon) and I’m 3 months sober. I feel amazing and I have the skills to stay this way!



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.