Learning to Love Myself

A.S., Narconon Graduate
A.S., Narconon Graduate

I was born in Luga, Russia, and got adopted at nine months old. I then moved to Lexington, Kentucky, and have grown up there ever since. I always knew I was adopted and never felt as if I was treated differently than anyone else in my family. However, I felt like an outcast everywhere else. At school, I was bullied and tormented. I was depressed, anxious, and hated myself. By eighth grade, I turned to alcohol. I was drinking anything I could get my hands on; beer, vodka, bourbon or whatever my dad had around.

By freshman year, my drinking was even worse. I was showing up drunk to school and getting drunk at school. Basically, I was drinking all of the time. Later in high school, I added marijuana to my daily routine.

I continued to spiral from there, drinking more and smoking pot, then I discovered cocaine. I began using cocaine almost every day for a while. Eventually, I got to the point where I was willing to do just about anything for it and hurt anyone who tried to stop me. I was drinking to pass out and using coke to stay up. I was miserable.

Finally, I realized I couldn’t live my life that way anymore. I wasn’t just hurting myself; I was destroying those who love and care about me the most. So, I contacted the people at Narconon. I knew I needed help because the path I was headed down could only lead to death.

At the beginning of my program at Narconon, I would gossip, start drama and be extremely overdramatic. I had a difficult time adjusting at first. But the program started to change me. The new life sauna detox helped me clear out my body, while objectives helped me tremendously with learning to react appropriately and being calm and patient. Life skills helped me learn how to love myself and work through and confront my issues.

I can say I now have a great relationship with both of my parents, and I am proving myself to be responsible and take responsibility for everything.

“I have changed for the better, and I know I never need to return back to drugs and alcohol, all thanks to this program.”

I am happier, healthier, responsible, and no longer anxious and paranoid. I have changed for the better, and I know I never need to return back to drugs and alcohol, all thanks to this program.

Being at Narconon has changed my life. I’m happy, healthy and no longer need meds to get through the day. I am responsible, and I know I don’t need drugs or alcohol to function. My family finally has their daughter, niece, and cousin back; all thanks to Narconon.

A.S., Narconon Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.