Life is so Different Now!

Narconon Graduate
A.B., Narconon Graduate

I’ll do my best to put in writing what Narconon has done for me, as it can be hard to put these kinds of things into words, especially when I am such a different person than I was before I did the Narconon program. It is actually hard to remember the person I was before! That in itself is a testament to the power of the program.

Narconon New Life Retreat gave me just that, a new life! Over the course of nine years, I had made enough bad decisions, done enough harmful things to myself and others, and been around the wrong crowd enough to the point I had completely and utterly lost myself. Who I was before the age of 13, even the age of 17, was not who I was at the age of 22. It’s best summed up, really, that just days before starting the Narconon program, as I was using with a friend, I told him the delusional reassurance of, “Hey, at least WE don’t need rehab, right?”

Drug use builds up layers upon layers of things that are not you. Ideas and personalities make you act differently, make decisions you wouldn’t normally make, and think thoughts that aren’t really your thoughts. A lot of people struggling with addiction are struggling with the very essence of what addiction becomes—a delusional, unaware condition that can be extremely difficult to overcome. If you are in a trap, how are you supposed to get out of the trap if you don’t understand how it works?

I believe Narconon works so well is because it has actually defined and made it possible for a person struggling with addiction to learn what it IS that they are struggling with. But MOST importantly, it has a specific way of relieving a person of these things once they are understood. You don’t just go into a classroom to understand the subject. You do that, and then you go APPLY the concepts in order to free yourself. I’m telling you, it is actually that way.

I’ll tell you more personally what the program has done for me. I came to Narconon as a lost, depressed 22-year old with lots of false ideas about himself, his life, and where he was going, and where he had been. I had gone to drugs to numb the pain of my existence and provide me with the emotions I wanted out of life. But, there was something about this particular program I knew was just “right.” It just had a truth about it. And I’ll never forget the night, shortly after arriving, where I looked in the mirror in the bathroom and exhaled and thought, “the nightmare is over.” I felt like this place would actually, once and for all, handle my relationship with substances.

The first MAJOR change occurred as a result of the sauna detoxification step. I did it exactly as it was laid out. And coming out of that program, for the first time in YEARS, I had a sense of hope about my life, and I started to look AHEAD into the future. This was a major change.

The second landmark change was doing a part of the program called the Objectives, which is a series of steps designed to orient yourself again with your surroundings. For the first time in years, the noise and confusion in my head finally went quiet. It was so noticeable that I sat there in my chair and just thought, “Hey, where are all those thoughts? How is everything so quiet?”

Finally, sorting out how I had harmed my life and others was hugely therapeutic. I took responsibility for things I’ve done that I had never been able to see and take responsibility for. I looked at how I caused the situation, victimized myself, and blamed others for what happened. Lies fell away as I became able to be a responsible person again. How I was before the drugs started.

“If someone asks me, ‘How are you doing so well?’ or wants to know my story, that story is incomplete without the story of Narconon.”

Currently, I own a business, have a loving wife and two children, and live a life of my choosing. I decide how my life is going to go, and I can go LIVE. I have been sober for 8 years straight. If someone asks me, “How are you doing so well?” or wants to know my story, that story is incomplete without the story of Narconon. And why does Narconon work? Well, take what I’ve said and see for yourself.

A.B., Narconon Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.