Losing Sight of What Matters

Father and son

It happens to all of us. You set out trying to achieve a goal and somewhere along the line your attention shifts to something else or gets caught up in one detail. So, the thing we set out to do gets sidetracked or we get discouraged and give up.

Looking for treatment for a loved one is no different. You set out wanting to find the best treatment you can for your loved ones. Before long, things start getting in the way. How long is the treatment, where is the facility located, how much will the insurance cover (or more important how much do they NOT cover)? And an even bigger confusion arises when the person who needs treatment keeps changing their mind on whether they will go.

Have you noticed whenever you want to do something you know is good for you or those around you, things get in the way? Getting in shape is a great example of this. Going to the gym seems like one of the hardest things in the world at times while eating a bunch of mac and cheese is so easy.

It really is that simple—when you want to do something good that may also be difficult, you face resistance either from others, yourself or the environment. I am here to tell you to not give up. If you’ve found something you believe will save your loved one’s life, it is worth pushing through to make it happen.

You can make it happen if you really want to. It just comes down to being willing to go through what it will take to make it happen. When it comes to saving someone’s life from addiction, there is very little that can get in the way that is worse than losing your loved one to addiction.

You do not have to be alone in your search for a treatment center. There are professionals who really care and want to see you happy and your loved one starting a new life.

Don’t let things get in your way. Power through the barriers. People struggling with substance abuse rarely make it to treatment on their own. You may be the only thing standing between them and a very bleak future.

If you don’t know where to start or are interested in finding out more about how the Narconon program can help your loved one, give us a call today. We are here to help.



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.