Recovery Happens Step by Step

MAn walking alone

Here at Narconon, we encourage anyone on the Narconon program to write success stories. A success story is a summary of their achievements or wins for each section of the program. A win is something good that was accomplished or a realization that is important to their recovery. This is vital because it helps them realize every day sober has successes when you are on the road to recovery. They also learn to take pride in the small things achieved each step of the way.

These small successes add up to the biggest win of all: remaining sober and leading a life of which they can be proud. The Narconon program is more than just getting sober. It is finding the underlying reason or reasons the person became addicted to drugs or alcohol to solve the problems of life and then solving those problems using the tools learned on the steps of the Narconon program. The person also takes responsibility for past actions and decisions that got them to the point they needed drug rehab.

Here is a recent success story:

“I was a complete mess when I first arrived to do the Narconon program and thought I couldn’t change and I was a lost cause. But I have changed and I am confident I can have a happy, sober life.
“For most of my adult life whenever I thought of the word success, I thought of a nice car, a good job, and a nice house. Material things; and while all these things can be a success, I never considered the possibility that success could pertain to the mind or the soul. Today I finished the last step of the program and I believe I achieved a mental and emotional success by owning up to my wrong doings and taking responsibility for my actions. I also realized that I CAN stop dwelling in the past, learn from my mistakes, and move forward to lead a life I can be proud of. This too is a success.
“I’ve come a long way since I became sober. My journey was tough but I came out the other end a sober, more comprehensive and responsible minded person.”

This is the kind of life changing successes we strive for at Narconon and I am now encouraging you to share your success stories of sobriety with us.



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.