Alina Snowden in Success Story
October 20, 2022

I Became A Man

One of our graduates talks about his struggles coming into the program. Over time, he overcame them, grew up, and learned how to live a life free of drugs.


Alina Snowden in Success Story
July 29, 2022

Ready to Live Life Drug Free

One of our graduates tells her story of feeling like she lost everything before Narconon. Over time, throughout the program, she gained confidence and realized nothing was going to hold her back.


Justin in Success Story
April 8, 2021

With My Head Held High, a Whole New Me!

Our recent graduate shares her amazing story, from her life before and after addiction, to all the incredible wins on her program and the excitement to live the new life she has created!


Aaron in Success Story
February 26, 2017

Ending My Vicious Cycle

“I would best describe my life before Narconon in one simple word, chaos. The dwindling spiral I was lost in had been an ongoing process of self-destruction for almost 10 years. I first started smoking weed at around 12 years old, which led to Xanax, which led to pain pills, which led to heroin, and heroin led me to the bane of my existence, the needle.…


Aaron in Resource Guide
January 3, 2017

Guide to Addictive Substances for Young Athletes

Young athletes can face more exposure to substance abuse than many of their peers by being invited to parties on weekends, taking performance enhancing drugs for their sport and using pharmaceutical drugs resulting from an injury.