Aaron in Drug Education
February 3, 2019

The Cost of Addiction

Addiction actually costs more and more the longer it goes on. There are many costs related to addiction. For the few of us who have never had addiction touch our lives personally, the cost may be a pocketbook and societal matter.


Ray Clauson in Addiction
April 30, 2017

Addiction Through My Eyes

The main thing I remember about being a pill popping, coke snorting, heroin smoking, alcoholic was fear. Several types of fear in fact and each to varying degrees. From the slight fear of having cops bust in while nodding out, to the absolute terror of running out of dope.


Aaron in Addiction
March 26, 2017

Addiction as a Disease—The Hoax

It wasn’t until I was told the disease model was a hoax and I could have the life I wanted, that things began to get better. Addiction does not fit in the category of a disease, even on a textbook level.…


Cori Kertis, CIT in Sobriety
January 14, 2017


Where did addiction take me? I could tell dark stories of addiction because believe me there are plenty. I could exploit the dark memories of using drugs: where I was, who I was with, etc. Things I vaguely remember and things that are etched into my mind forever.


Aaron in Success Story
June 14, 2016

Addiction is Not a Label

If you haven't been hit by addiction or helped a loved one who struggles with it, there are things you may not realize. A lesser known fact about addicts is they are not always crazed individuals who don't care for others or themselves. Surprisingly the opposite in many cases is true.


Derek Heiblim in Addiction
April 11, 2016

Is Addiction Really In My Blood?

Is Addiction Really In My Blood? As one who has suffered with addiction, I didn’t think there was anything that could be done to “cure me.” I grew up with the stories of how bad Grandpa’s gambling was and how numerous family members were alcoholics and drug addicts.