Drug Addiction: Baltimore’s Biggest Problem Then and Now

In 1999, Baltimore Maryland’s Health Commissioner declared drug addiction was the “biggest problem in the city.” That was the year overdose deaths exceeded the homicide rate.

Now, more than a decade later, Baltimore’s mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake once again declared drugs and addiction the biggest problems facing Baltimore City. While drug abuse experts say Baltimore has taken great strides in dealing with the problem, the issue still remains.

A review of Baltimore’s response to their drug problem makes it painfully obvious why doubled funding did not result in any great improvement. The city funnels money into drug replacement therapies such as methadone and suboxone clinics. A person being treated with these drugs – termed ”medication-assisted treatment” or MAT – stays dosed on a drug that is chemically similar to heroin. They may live more orderly lives but they do not achieve the benefits of waking up drug-free each morning. 

When asked about the city’s drug problem, Baltimore’s experts can only cite reductions in overdoses and violent crime. But in trying to lessen the drug problem, the city has unintentionally become a major supplier of opioid drugs to its citizenry. 

The real answer to addiction is rehabilitation that teaches the recovering person how to create a productive life in which they no longer need to depend on any substance like alcohol or heroin. 

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