Eighty Percent of Crime in Mississippi is Drug-Related

According to Circuit Court Judge Lee Howard of District 16 in Mississippi, 80% of all crime committed in the state is drug-related. In response to this, the judge presented plans for a new drug court that would target drug users (not dealers) and provide rehabilitative services rather than prison time.

The aim is to attack the drug problem by reducing the demand for drugs rather than only pursuing the criminals supplying the drugs.

Currently, the drug problem is costing Lowndes County more than $12 million per year – and that is just in incarceration costs. It does not include the economic impact of addicts not being able to be productive members of Mississippi society.

This proposal for a new drug court is an excellent effort, but will only work if there are effective rehabilitation programs for the courts to refer people to. Unfortunately, the typical recidivism rate of most programs is more than 80%.

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