10 Things in a Room That Are a Sign of Drug Use

Parents searching for drugs

If you suspect your kid or loved one is using drugs, one of the first things you might do is search their room to see if you can find something to prove your suspicions.

But chances are because you don’t abuse drugs, you could come across something related to drug use and you would have no idea. We won’t focus on such obvious things as needles, pipes, or actual drugs. (There are many pictures online of different types of drugs if you have already found what you think is a narcotic.) Instead, we will focus on things you may overlook.

1) A toilet paper roll with drier sheets in it and rubber-banded over the end. People will use this makeshift contraption to hide the odor of drug use. Once a person inhales drugs they will blow it through the tube to hopefully cover up the smell.

Mushroom pipe

2) Hidden pipes. There are several types out there. The most common I have seen is shaped liked a metal mushroom and unscrews to turn into a pipe. If you find something that looks like this, it might be what it is. You could do a Google image search or simply mess with it and see if you can take it apart. Also, many times makeshift pipes will smell strongly of what is smoked through them.

3) A spoon that has a burn mark on the bottom. The burn mark is from an open flame. Spoons can be used to melt down several drugs for intravenous use. The use of a flame on the bottom of it will leave a black mark and it is visible if it was never wiped down.

4) Tinfoil-like spoons can be used to smoke heroin, cocaine, or marijuana. Finding a roll of tin foil or tin foil with burn marks can be a sign of drug use.

5) Ripped open balloons, button bags, or small wax paper. All three of these can be used as a container which heroin and other drugs are sold in. If you find these and they have a residue on them, do not touch them without gloves. The bags and wax paper may contain designs on the outside of them.

6) Soda can with holes punched in it and burn marks. This is a very common way of making a makeshift pipe. You may also notice sticky soda residue on the side of the car. The person may have shaken the rest of the soda out of the can from the car window where it would splatter on the side of the car. Pen caps may also be used in a pinch as a pipe to smoke something out of.

7) Eye drops are a common item that someone using drugs will carry with them to remove the red in their eyes. If you notice several bottles of eye drops, it could be a strong sign that they are using.

Torch lighter

8) Lighters, especially torch lighters. Having a lighter might not be particularly out of the ordinary but if they do not smoke cigarettes, it could be a sign. Torch lighters specifically are often used to smoke crack or meth.

9) Disassembled Light Bulbs with burn marks. Those smoking crack or meth will use lightbulbs to heat up and smoke crack or meth. They will have drilled a hole through the screw in the end and put tape over it to protect themselves from the heat.

10) Rolled up dollar bills or straws that are cut short are used for snorting drugs. This might be a clear sign your loved one is snorting cocaine, meth, or heroin.

I hope this list is helpful to you. If you feel like we missed anything, please send us a message or leave a comment and we will add it to the list.



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.