An Addict’s Letter to His Piers

T.R. Narconon Graduate

I was an addict. I was also a selfish, know-it-all asshole. My selfishness was not realizing that poisoning myself was destroying everything and all the people around me. I knew it all and didn’t listen to the folks who cared. I had it all under “control.”

When my wife brought me to treatment on March 31st, I had no clue what to expect. Before I knew it, she left me with a bunch of people. I had no idea who they were. It wasn’t long before I was in the midst of withdrawals being helped by those people wondering what the heck this place was. I was clueless.

After being a stupid selfish asshole, I didn’t like facing the fact I was so clueless as well. In a lot of ways, those characteristics are harder to overcome than the drugs themselves. I knew I had to change that.

I overheard a guy say “shut your mouth and open your ears and mind. Be honest with yourself always and especially throughout this program.”

I found the staff at Narconon were not clueless. They know exactly what they’re doing and exactly what an addict is. I gave everyone some shit throughout the sauna detoxification but here I am graduating because they handled it so well.

Most of us know there’s varying degrees of trouble they deal with from the clients every day. They do this for us to change because they’ve been there too. Those of them who were addicts know it is possible to achieve change.

They help by dropping clues to the clueless throughout the entire program. By the end of it, I hope everyone has a realization like I have. I am not weak. I am not selfish. I am not an asshole. I am not clueless. And best of all, I am a graduate of the Narconon program.

When I leave, I will continue to use the tools I have learned to evaluate my choices, the people around me and my environment which will lead to a more productive life.

Thank you to everyone.

T.R. Narconon Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.