Dr. Rohit Adi, MD, DABAM

When he’s not traveling the world, Rohit can be found at his home base in Baton Rouge, shopping at the farmer’s market or jogging the path surrounding his newly acquired farm. A native of India, he has lived in Chicago, Illinois and Pennsylvania before calling the Deep South his home. His passions are his family, organic gardening and helping others as a Medical Doctor and Addictionologist. LinkedIn: Dr. Rohit Adi Twitter: @DrRohitAdi Google Plus: Dr. Rohit Adi

In the Midst of a Crisis, How to Handle an Overdose

Someone you love or are close to passes out. Their lips are turning blue and they are lethargic or non-responsive. You know they struggle with substance abuse and suspect an overdose, but you do not have Narcan. What do you do? Obviously call an ambulance.