I Opened A Door To A New Life

D.R., Narconon Graduate
D.R., Narconon Graduate

Before coming to Narconon, I was on the verge of losing my family; my beautiful wife, three adorable kids, my mom, and myself. My wife was filing for divorce, custody of the kids, everything. The week prior to coming here, I was at our house reading the paperwork from the lawyers. I felt like I had lost everything and everyone good in my life. I would’ve left behind three awesome kids and a gorgeous wife, feeling the same way I did as a kid growing up fatherless.

When I got to Narconon, I felt like I had no other options. After pushing everyone away, all I had left with was my dark secrets and thoughts. I hated myself and felt worthless. I went into the sauna and had mixed emotions and feelings swimming inside of my head and it felt impossible to figure out how to deal with them. After I completed sauna, I started feeling some resemblance of normalcy. From clearing my body of the toxins, I could regain a clear mind and see life for what it really is and not some fantasy. Even though I had some pretty rough days emotionally in the sauna, I was feeling my strength physically come back. I was getting regular sleep, I could eat better and more routinely. Feeling better physically and getting better sleep, I was regaining the ability to handle my emotions better.

Going through Objectives was tough in the beginning. I didn’t fully get the purpose of them. Then I started having realizations through doing the Objectives and even though some of them were things I’ve thought of before, now I was able to focus on them and the meaning of the realizations. I loved having realizations even if they were small ones, because having them ultimately led me to have regained abilities. Regaining the ability to be calm, collective, and understand conversations with my wife was super important to me and I achieved that, like so many other things. I gained the ability to communicate and listen to my family, especially my wife. I accepted what I’d done in the past but I also realized that my past failures don’t define who I am today.

The life skills section of the program was something I absolutely needed to do in order to find out why I did the things I did, and how not to make the same mistakes in life. One of the many things I’ve learned from the Narconon program is I completely lacked self-worth. I now know the value of myself and how I matter to my family. I learned where it all started, how I survived, if it was ethical or moral, and then how to survive with better, healthier ethics and moral codes. I loved how the program broke everything down and just because I lived a certain way in prison for so long; they didn’t tell me I was wrong for that type of survival. I had been in a gang since I was twelve years old and had those kinds of people in my life as a source of survival on the streets and the many years I served in prison. Going through ethics and life skills, I realized I didn’t need those types of people in my life anymore in order to survive out here in the world.

I started off by saying my marriage was on the verge of being over with and I was losing my kids. Today, I can proudly say that the divorce is out the window and I’ll be going home to my family and under the same roof as my kids.

“Narconon staff taught me new ways to survive in a normal society. They brought me and my family back together and taught me how to live a free, productive life...”

Narconon staff taught me new ways to survive in a normal society. They brought me and my family back together and taught me how to live a free, productive life outside of prison and how to deal with upsets in a healthier manner and to find solutions for problems so I don’t have those same upsets.

D.R., Narconon Graduate


Alina Snowden

Originally from Kentucky, Alina decided after changing her life that she wanted to help others understand the dangers of addiction and help families know what to do if their loved one is struggling. She now writes articles to spread awareness and positivity about how those with addiction problems can turn their lives around.