“I Was Digging Myself A Hole”

VH Narconon Graduate

On September 3rd of 2019, I enrolled in the program at Narconon. I had doubts but trusted my wife since she took the time and researched the program. The time I spent in withdrawal seemed long, and after a week, I felt better and had a lot more freedom to move around and talk to other students.

I read the New Life Detoxification book, and it made a lot of sense to me. After reading that book and knowing that I have drug problems, I took the sauna program very seriously. With the help of the staff pushing me, I completed the Sauna Process in 28 days. For me, the Sauna was probably the most enjoyable part of the program. My body felt great after Sauna. I feel like, after this, my body and mind are entirely regenerated. It made me feel the best I have ever felt in the last fifteen years of abusing drugs. I can’t thank the staff enough for helping me through this.

I committed to the program entirely and took every step seriously. The Objective Course was long, and I often got upset. In my head, I knew it would be helpful for me, so I did not complain much. After about two weeks into Objectives, I noticed that I was no longer getting upset, and my patience had improved. After about five weeks, I finished the Objectives. It helped me let go of my past and be in the present.

“I didn’t think what I had done in the past would have an effect on how I would become in the future, but it did…”

After getting my mind right with the Objective courses, I started Life Skills Course. While doing the Life Skills course, I learned a lot about myself, mostly what kind of person I was. This course was probably the hardest part of the program. I had to address all of the shameful things I did in the past, and it wasn’t easy. That being said, it reminded me I am doing the right thing now. At first, I didn’t think what I had done in the past would have an effect on how I would become in the future, but it did.

The most important part of the Life Skills was probably gaining the ability to recognize those people in my life who had a negative impact on me. I realized then what was occurring and who I was around when I would start to gamble or use drugs (even though at the time, I felt I was winning). In reality, I was digging myself a into hole. Now, I no longer seek the thrill of gambling or doing drugs.

I was able to learn to identify different types of personalities and choose what people I should associate with. With the help of my counselor, I discovered and disconnected from all of the bad influences in my life. I also have a much better relationship with my family.

Overall, the program was a great experience. I now think more logically, and I am more ethical in my actions. I think before I act; how might this affect my family, how might it affect those I love, and how it might affect my survival. I am much happier now, and everyone in my family is also pleased with how much better I am doing.

V.H.—Narconon Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.