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Couple with addiction

Finding a drug rehab for your loved one can be more difficult than it should be and with so many options, it can be hard to be certain you are making the right choice. What would the perfect treatment consist of for you?

Most likely, it would be a treatment facility that would work to put an end to your loved one’s struggle with addiction. A place that works one-on-one and addresses their specific issues. A place to address every part of their life, how they handle problems, how they communicate with others and the relationships with those around them, etc.

You would probably want a place with ample medical staff to make sure they are safe and not in pain while they get healthy again and back to being the person you used to know—and NOT ending up on other medication for the rest of their life.

The ideal facility is one where the staff are caring and where your loved one gets the care and attention he or she needs. A place where you were kept up to date on their progress and how they are doing and most importantly, a treatment center where they will become responsible for their life again.

Narconon New Life Retreat focuses on getting to the reason your loved one became addicted in the first place by addressing their health, mindset and personal underlying issues. Our medical staff work every day to make sure your loved one is comfortable during the recovery process and our Medical Director oversees the process. As a Diplomat of the American Board of Addiction Medicine, Dr. Adi and the nursing staff ensure your loved one will be well taken care of during one of the most difficult times in their life.

Everett—Narconon Student

My recovery time in the drug-free withdrawal has been good. Everyone here is nice, caring and awesome. My body feels healthier, I gained weight and hope to gain more. The drills have helped me clear and calm my mind. I hope to continue to do well and stay on track.”

Everett—Narconon Student

Each step of the program is targeted to handle the issues of your loved one. Once they move through the withdrawal step where they are assisted 24/7 by medical and nursing personnel, they go onto the sauna detoxification program. The sauna detox helps with the long-term physical damage done by drugs or alcohol as well as assisting with the inevitable cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

M.P.—Narconon Graduate

“This program has been a journey for me. I was a little afraid of the sauna detoxification because I had never heard of it. After about thirteen days in, I realized it really works and it made me feel totally clean.”

M.P.—Narconon Graduate

Next, the Objectives handle getting the person out of the past and focused on the present. The practical exercises are designed to improve the person’s ability to focus on their targets and goals long enough to accomplish them.

A.K.—Narconon Graduate

I went onto the Objectives which taught me about being in present time and to stop thinking about the past. Now I wake up and realize all the beautiful things surrounding me.”

A.K.—Narconon Graduate

After this, they begin to deal with the unpleasant and harmful things they have done in the past. They will get relief by confronting the things they did as addicts, followed up by handling the condition their life is in and how they will work towards bettering that condition. This prepares a person to really handle the damage they have done to the relationships in their lives.

P.T.—Narconon Graduate

“I have learned a lot about myself and I am in much better communication with my family. While doing one of the Life Skills courses, I realized I had changed and didn’t want to live my old lifestyle anymore.”

P.T.—Narconon Graduate

Finally, they work out what they hire do from that point forward, setting out a plan for the next two years on the goals they will work towards and achieve. These targets are followed up on by our Graduate Officer who keeps in touch with them for those two years after program completion—assisting them to achieve their goals.

For a more in-depth description of our program and to learn how you help your loved one to change their life forever, call us today.

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Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.