What Is It Like to Be Addicted to Ecstasy?

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“When I started using Ecstasy (also known as Molly), it was a drug I used only occasionally when going out to parties, concerts or the bar. It would usually take 45 minutes before I would start to experience the effects. As the drug began to kick in, I would feel my body start to get warm and immediately I wanted to be everyone’s best friend. My pupils would dilate, and I had an uncontrollable urge to talk with the people around me.

“I felt a sense of comfort in not only my peers, but in myself, and without hesitation, I would spew all my deepest secrets, goals and views on society with a stranger. For some reason, the high made me feel like everything that was going on in my life was acceptable. I became addicted to that feeling of acceptance. As my longing for that acceptance increased, so did my cravings for this miracle drug.

“I started to use Molly every weekend, even if I spent that time alone in my room. I would think about getting high halfway through the week and eventually, my drug use crept into the work week. Once I was taught how to use Molly intravenously, my downward spiral drastically accelerated. The high would be very intense, but brief, and I would need to use continually to keep my high.

“… Molly is an amphetamine that takes a drastic toll on the body and mind. The highs would be very high, but the come down was probably the lowest low I’ve ever experienced…”

“Molly is an amphetamine that takes a drastic toll on the body and mind. The highs would be very high, but the comedown was probably the lowest low I’ve ever experienced. The amphetamines would keep me from being hungry or thirsty, and I would become so wired and obsessed with the drug, I would stay awake for days on end. Between depriving my body of sleep and vital nutrition, I would also become very paranoid, and well… weird.

“I would often have to mix other drugs like benzos or opiates to compensate the comedown. This combination of drugs can become VERY dangerous because I would try to use enough of the downers to put myself to sleep. Trying to figure out the right number of downers could potentially cause someone to overdose. If I did not use drugs to combat the comedown, I would experience the most severe depression that words cannot describe. My body would ache from the lack of hydration/ nutrition, and my mind would be an absolute pit of despair. A lot of people say that Molly is not addictive, but they would be sadly mistaken. Sure, I wasn’t as physically addicted as someone who uses heroin, or a person who has been drinking alcohol for a long time, but mentally I was completely engulfed with thoughts of getting and using the drug.

“It took control of my life and sent it in a morbid direction. It is very dangerous and can result in overheating, dehydration and seizures. Massive amounts of teens and adults are using this drug recreationally because it’s viewed as a safe, fun, party drug. The reality is Molly is a synthetic substance that alters your thought process and causes you to put your body and mind in situations that are life-threatening.”

—Narconon Graduate C.S.



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.