Changing For The Better

Narconon Graduate
K.D., Narconon Graduate

Before arriving at Narconon, my drug addiction caused my family to lose a lot of trust in me since I would lie and steal continuously. Addiction caused me to change as a mother.

When I arrived at Narconon, I never knew why I used drugs. I always said it was just to get high. When I was in the withdrawal unit, I broke down a few times but kept telling myself I could do it. I knew I had to for my son.

Once I got out of withdrawal, I started sauna which made me feel so much healthier. Each day during sauna, I felt more alive, and once I finished, I had no more drug cravings at all. I felt clear-minded.

At the beginning of objectives, I never knew the abilities I had lost. As I completed each of the objectives, I would regain a new ability. I knew what I could do on my own. I had previously been codependent, but objectives helped me find my identity and helped me realize who I really was. Once I finished objectives, I knew I could live my own life.

Once I started life skills, the truth behind me doing drugs came out. There were a few different losses in my life, and I never confronted or addressed them. I would cry by myself yet act fine around others, keeping everything bottled up. I had to get past the habit of not communicating or not letting my emotions out. I looked at my transgressions and this helped me to realize the consequences before making a decision. Also getting out all the transgressions I committed made my mind clearer. I found such relief.

Then I had to work on changing my condition and I realized bottling everything up was a tremendous problem. I now had to handle the situations I never wanted to handle. It was rough, but I felt a lot better. I could find out who I really was, and I gained the ability to open up, confront, and express my feelings.

I realized I was changing for the better on June 29th, right before coming to Narconon. The Narconon program has helped me out tremendously. It helped me live my life again. I am proud to say I am drug-free and I can do things on my own, even if it’s tough.

My family and I had always been pretty close, but because of my addiction, our close family had drifted away. My family never trusted me alone at their house and they were close to disowning me. From then to now, things have changed tremendously. My relationship with my family has been getting better. I can now open up and communicate with them if needed. I can now be the mother I once was before drugs.

“You may think your life is great, but once you’re drug-free, you get to see how amazing life really is.”

To anyone who is still using drugs, I know it may seem hard, but it will eventually get easier. It was hard for me too, but in the end, it was all worth it. You may think your life is great, but once you’re drug-free, you get to see how amazing life really is.

Narconon is the answer to drug addiction because they work with you personally to figure out what caused your addiction. They help you to dig deep to find out what affected your life. Once they figure it out, they work with you to better it.

—K.D., Narconon Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.