Alina Snowden in National News
March 14, 2023

How Could Fentanyl Get Worse?

Why is the opioid epidemic continuing to get worse year after year, and what is causing this to get worse despite the efforts of government agency’s.


Alina Snowden in National News
March 12, 2023

Xylazine – the Drug that Is Changing Everything

There is a new drug making headlines and yet again, worsening the war on drugs. Many are becoming addicted and are either losing limb’s or dying because of it. What was once only known as an animal tranquilizer is now causing destruction, and it’s name is Xylazine.


It All Started With A Pill

Counterfeit pills are hitting the market and causing a huge uproar and overdoses. One of our graduates tells her story of counterfeit pills and how she lost everything and almost lost her life because of them.


Aaron in Drug Awareness
August 10, 2021

What Is Isotonitazene?

A new drug in the headlines is sixty time more potent then morphine. This drug has already been schedule 1 for years so why is it ending up back in the news now?


Aaron in Drug Education
April 13, 2019

California has the largest Increase in Opioid Deaths

The number of deaths from synthetic opioids increased by 50 percent in the Golden State and this is only one of the statistics which increased across the state. California also saw an increase in suicides and an increase in alcohol fatalities. Synthetic opioids add several new risk factors of death.