Aaron in Success Story
November 10, 2021

Meth Highs and Lies

Addiction is something more than what you hear in the media. For addicts, like myself, it’s a hell we experience every day. I want to share a little about my experience with addiction.


Aaron in Addiction
April 19, 2017

The Reason We Lie

Humans are interesting beings; born with love, kindness, hope and an urge toward survival. These four components define us as individuals and allow us to experience what it truly means to be alive. However, when we succumb to drugs and alcohol, all of these gifts are taken away from us.…


Aaron in Addiction
February 13, 2017

Hi, My Name is _____ and I’m a Liar

“The past 17 years, my life has revolved around women, drugs and deception. All of which gave me a false sense of security and happiness that I would never find until the one day I became totally honest and put all my cards on the table.” “I’m 32 years old and had a great childhood.


Ray Clauson in Success Story
January 22, 2017

Why We Lie

I was a Commercial Fisherman in Alaska for 30 years and lived in the great northwest of Washington. I started experimenting with pot and alcohol at the age 14. For 40 years I was an addict or an alcoholic and honestly it would be faster to tell you what I haven’t done or tried during that time.