Aaron in Success Story
January 22, 2018

From Victim to Bully to Addict

“During my stay at Narconon, I discovered a lot about myself and life around me. In hopes that I can help or change even one, I felt compelled to write this letter. “In grammar school, I was picked on quite a bit…


Aaron in Drug Rehab
September 16, 2017

Narconon Louisiana Continues to Create Drug-free Lives

Providing addicts with a safe, peaceful atmosphere where they can achieve permanent sobriety has always been the goal of Narconon Louisiana. Narconon Louisiana is proud to announce that 90 individuals have graduated from the Narconon program in 2016.


Aaron in Success Story
March 27, 2017

Taking Responsibility

“I have gotten a lot of things out of the Narconon program. When I started, I was very angry and mad at the world. I thought everything was everyone else’s fault. Now, I have learned who I am. I have become patient and learned to think before I act.…“


Aaron in Family Help
March 6, 2017

Making the Right Choice

“Drugs are not only harmful to the individual, but those who care about them and who they are close to. It’s no secret that drugs disconnect someone from their family. Parents, significant others, siblings, etc.“


Aaron in Success Story
January 19, 2017

Totally Clean and Back on Track

“This program has been a journey for me. I was a little afraid of the sauna detoxification because I had never heard of it. After about thirteen days in, I realized it really works and it made me feel totally clean…“


Dianna Re, CAS in Local News
August 30, 2016

The Unspoken Aftermath of Disasters

Being born and raised in New Orleans, I have seen my fair share of natural disasters. Of course, Katrina was the most devastating and the first one to have an impact on my life. At that point, I had not developed a bad drug habit.