You Might Be Living with an Addict If…


Living with an addict is not only heartbreaking but can be potentially dangerous. Between accidental exposure and the danger of having illegal drugs in your home, living with an addict can be a huge liability. Living with a heroin addict could even mean someone could overdose in your house.

Money problems is probably one of the biggest signs someone living with you is on drugs. If it is a family member, you might notice money missing from your purse or wallet. If it is a kid you are supporting, they may frequently be asking for money for odd things. Another thing is missing jewelry or electronics as sometimes addicts when desperate will pawn their stuff for a fix. With roommates, this may manifest in their inability to pay rent. Either way, these are all strong indications the person may be struggling with addiction. This would be the time to get them into a drug rehab.

The second sign is strange sleep patterns. It varies drug to drug and person to person how this will manifest. In an example, a person using meth will not sleep for days at a time and then sleep for a very long period. However, a heroin addict will sleep at odd times of the day or seem unable to stay awake, falling in and out of sleep, this is often referred to as nodding off.

The third sign is a combination of lying, secretiveness and seclusion. Many know that addicts lie and manipulate but by the time it becomes obvious it is usually at the point they are far into their addiction. Be on the lookout for stories that don’t add up, the person staying away or avoiding interaction with others.

None of these are a 100% guarantee your loved one is using. However, if you noticed these signs and are on the fence about considering drug treatment, there are some steps you should take. Contact a professional and line up a drug treatment center. Once you have the person admit their drug use and willing to get help, you want to get them straight into treatment. Drug testing them is the main thing you want to do that will nail down that they are using and even tell you what they are using if they are continuing to lie. Call us today if you need help getting your loved one the treatment they need.



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.