Whole New World

I wasn’t working. I was living with a boyfriend and he used and I pretty much, you know, every day just spent my day getting drugs. However, I had an employer that I stole their paychecks to get it, you know. And, and at the time I thought that was rational. You know, and I just couldn’t stop until I just completely, completely hit bottom. You know, like my purpose was gone. I felt like I was just existing in time and that I really wasn’t going anywhere and I felt like I was gonna stay that way forever.

Fortunately, my grandma — I just got home from vacation — she said, “Let’s not put another band-aid and do one of these 28-day rehabs. How about this place?” And I said, “Okay, I’ll go."

When I got out of the sauna program, I mean, I just felt physically like I was sixteen years old. I was able to concentrate better. I was able to focus better, you know. I really became awake.

I also got, you know, I learned about that I was a good person morally and ethically, and that I did have good morals. And, you know, and I learned about different areas of my life and where my ethics stand in those areas, and what condition those areas of my life were in, such as work or family, and you know, what I want to do to improve them to get them into a better condition.

Narconon gave me a new life. Or you could say a fresh start even, just a whole new world of opportunities. You know, that I didn’t even know I had even when I wasn’t doing drugs. Even before I picked up drugs, you know, I don’t feel like I had the opportunities that I do now, from doing this program.

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