Just One Step of the Narconon Program Changed Everything


“For years, I had been anything and everything but successful. I’d always turned to drugs to deal with whatever problem I’d run into in life. Drugs were my go-to for everything I faced. About the only thing I succeeded at was becoming a drug addict, starting at the age of twelve and continuing every day until I started this program at age thirty-four.

“The New Life Detoxification part of the program wasn’t exactly easy, but I began to see why I’d been like this. I put drugs into my body for twenty-two years, robbing from the bank of pleasure for a long time. The New Life Detoxification helped me put deposits back into that overdrawn bank, which was major for me.

“I can say this now because I can go to bed easily; I wake up happy and have energy like when I was a kid! My thoughts are no longer clouded from the drugs, I can think much more easily, and I do not feel mentally sluggish. To be able to have control of my mind and body again is a huge win in my book. I feel like I’ve been born again.

“The New Life Detoxification step gave me a second chance at my own life. I no longer need drugs in my body to wake up, be happy, or go to bed. For once, I can sit still, talk to people and be happy. I am not on drugs anymore. This step gave me my mind back.

“I can tell you this part of the program got me back on track. Trust me when I say if you do this, and push through, you will see the greatness of LIFE at the end of the New Life Detoxification step. I promise you this.”

—M.K., Narconon student


Joe Kertis

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Joe has worked at Narconon New Life Retreat for the past seven years, since his relocation to Louisiana. As the Intake Supervisor, he helps families and individuals through a very difficult time and take their first steps to a new, drug-free life. Get in touch with Joe on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.