Alina Snowden in Success Story
March 30, 2023

I Learned to Love No Matter What

One of our graduates tells his story of his struggles through the program. He learned many valuable lessons along the way and is ready to go home and live life drug-free.


Alina Snowden in Success Story
October 28, 2022

I Will Achieve Greatness Thanks to Narconon

One of our recent graduates tells his story of how he was a wreck before coming into the program. Throughout the course of the program, he worked hard, changed his ways, and is now ready to live life drug free.


Alina Snowden in Family Help
March 15, 2022

Repairing the Damage Done to My Family

One of our graduates opens up and tells her story of how she rebuilt the relationships she damaged because of her drug use. She overcame many challenges and learned to take responsibility of her life and her choices.


Aaron in Addiction
February 7, 2017

An Addict's Responsibility

As the sun begins to rise, I roll over feeling like I am in a trance. I glance at my watch and realize I have class in an hour. I throw on whatever clothes I can find and move as quick as one can move while in a daze. I pull into the parking lot still thinking of yesterday’s high.