Alina Snowden in Drug Awareness
September 7, 2023

The New Deadly Duo

Fentanyl is an ongoing issue that doesn’t seem to be going away. Now we're adding a new drug on top of fentanyl and it’s xylazine.


Joe Kertis in Drug Education
August 31, 2018

76,000 Deaths, a Record High

Well, the numbers are in, and it’s not looking good. It’s much worse . Overdose deaths in 2017 have risen an alarming 10% according to the CDC’s preliminary results, to a record-breaking 76,000. The main culprit is Fentanyl.


Aaron in National News
November 16, 2017

Dogs Getting Narcan

Dogs have long been known as man’s best friend and they play a huge role in our daily life. Whether it is companionship or service dogs, they go with us on some crazy adventures and travel most of the places people go…