You Deserve to Live
Your Best Life, Sober

RJ Narconon Graduate
R.J. Narconon Graduate

When I arrived at Narconon, I was out of jail and clean off heroin for a little over three months, so was unsure of how a program could do much of anything for me at that point. I had been to other rehabs before, and felt they were just to help someone get some clean time then send you packing.

I went into the sauna portion of the program as a bona fide skeptic. As time progressed, I began to feel my body flushing toxins out. I was thinking clearer, and my mind unclouded at the end of it. I could feel a difference in myself.

Then I went onto the objectives. Still a skeptic to some degree but less so after my experience in the sauna. Nevertheless, I fought it at first because it seemed dumb to me. Yet I discovered my realizations were profound; the objectives themselves brought me into the present time. No longer did I dwell on the shit I had done in the past.

At that point, I had caused some issues by bucking authority. I was rude and blatantly broke the rules. I had gone wrong for years because of my own lack of ethics. This was addressed during the last part of the program, life skills. At the beginning of the curriculum, I was a little hesitant to delve into my past. I pushed through and wrote out my life story, which started to open my eyes. I began to look at how my actions caused my family and friends to shun me. I wrote letters to each of them. That opened a dialogue, and I felt a great sense of relief. It gives me hope that all of us can move on from the past. It was disappointing and painful for them to watch me destroy myself.

I was still bucking authority. I ended up talking with one of the staff, and we found and addressed what I have always needed to handle. Then I realized how much the staff cares and truly want to see people succeed in life. I genuinely started to see how bucking and being a jerk caused me so many issues. Not only for me, but it took the time and resources of those around me. I had to adjust, but I put forth the effect and could see how great my ethics affect my fate.

I then started to take responsibility for all the wrongdoings in my past. I gained the knowledge to recognize how my wrongdoings can significantly affect my survival. I do not have to beat myself up anymore over what happened in the past. I determine who I am and what actions I take. I achieved a great sense of relief, taking responsibility for my past wrongdoings.

“Narconon has helped me change everything in my life. For anyone who is looking for help, Narconon was a godsend for me.”

Narconon has helped me change everything in my life. For anyone who is looking for help, Narconon was a godsend for me. Take the time and immerse yourself fully into the program and change your life. It will save you from the turmoil you live with every day. Please do it for your friends and family, but most of all, do it for yourself. You deserve to live your best life, sober.

R.J. Narconon Graduate



Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.