Intake Coordinator

Cori Kertis, CIT

Cori Kertis, Intake Coordinator
Cori Kertis, Intake Coordinator

Although a native of Las Vegas, Cori dreamed of living on the beach so moved to the Big Island of Hawaii. She always enjoyed the sand and sun, yet even with near perfect surroundings, she wound up needing treatment for substance abuse. Her grandparents arranged an intervention and she soon found herself at Narconon New Life Retreat.

Her experiences as a client on the Narconon program led her to remain at the facility to help others by becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant and she has been employed at Narconon New Life Retreat since then. With the goal of helping others attain and maintain a sober life, she registered earlier this year with the Louisiana Addictive Disorders Regulatory Authority as a Counselor in Training (CIT).

In the past year, she and husband have purchased a house close to the Narconon facility, adopted a black lab they named Noah, planned a wedding in the Pacific Northwest and honeymooned in Belize (on the beach, where else?!). They both enjoy traveling, spending time with their dog, and their careers helping others.

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