Joe Kertis in Local News
July 26, 2018

Death Toll Climbs from “Mojo” in Jails

Two men were discovered dead in Angola, Louisiana’s State Penitentiary, on July 19th. Reports reveal they appeared to have overdosed on the drug “Mojo”, which is one of many names for a synthetic drug known to induce hallucinations, convulsions, and a host of other lovely reactions including death.


Aaron in Local News
October 7, 2017

Louisiana Is Building an Opiate Epidemic

When people think of Louisiana, they usually think of Jazz music, Cajun cooking and beignets. They don’t think about the fact that Louisiana is one of the worst states in the country for prescription drugs.


Dianna Re, CAS in Local News
August 30, 2016

The Unspoken Aftermath of Disasters

Being born and raised in New Orleans, I have seen my fair share of natural disasters. Of course, Katrina was the most devastating and the first one to have an impact on my life. At that point, I had not developed a bad drug habit.


Aaron in Local News
July 29, 2016

10 Years of Creating Sober Lives

Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat is celebrating its ten-year anniversary. In commemoration of 10 years of creating drug-free lives, we received proclamations from the Mayors of both Denham Springs and Baton Rouge.