Life Keeps Getting Better and Better

P.G., Narconon Graduate
P.G., Narconon Graduate

Before going to Narconon, I was in apathy. All I did was sit around and think about my past mistakes, and I had this feeling of hopelessness. My drug addiction cost me my marriage and my possessions. Then the day came when I got a text about going to Narconon. From that point on, I immediately knew things would be okay.

When I arrived, I was warmly greeted by all the staff, and I knew I had made the right decision. I went into withdrawal and spent some time talking with the withdrawal specialists; I knew I was where I was supposed to be. The care factor from the staff is fantastic, and nothing like I have experienced before. During withdrawal, the withdrawal specialists worked with me to ease my withdrawal symptoms and pain. I realized the amount of care they had for me, even not really knowing me. I knew I’d chose the right place. I had isolated myself for so long it was nice to feel cared about knowing that I had someone to help me through it.

My meth use clouded my thoughts. I had problems concentrating on the most straightforward task. I thought that I would never be normal again. That was until I went through sauna. Sauna cleaned out all the toxins so I could think clearly. It was a slow process, but I felt like a new man at the end of sauna. I could think clearly and had the energy to start hitting the gym again.

Objectives brought me back into present time. They woke me up to confront people and the environment I avoided for so long.

In life skills, I looked at the people in my past who negatively influenced me. I learned how to handle antagonistic people around me. It also helped me see some of my negative characteristics. Taking responsibility for my actions released all the negative energy from all the wrong choices I made. I saw all the bad things I did for what they are and could move on. Changing conditions put me at cause over my life again. I knew that this program would help, but I never imagined feeling this great again. I feel better now than I ever have. No day would ever replace the feeling of helping others and being sober.

“This program gave me my life back. I’m talking to my kids again. Also, my relationship with my mother is better now than ever. I feel better than I ever have; now, I have a purpose in life.”

This program gave me my life back. I’m talking to my kids again. Also, my relationship with my mother is better now than ever. I feel better than I ever have; now, I have a purpose in life. My confidence has gone up, I’m happier, and I no longer feel hopeless. I know I have the strength to create whatever future I want. I have all the power. Applying what I have learned, I know I will have a happy and successful life.

There is hope; you can change. It’s never too late to change. You only need the desire to get help and be willing to have someone to help you. Narconon handles the physical aspects of addiction and the mental part too. They give you workable steps you need to take to continue living a happy and successful life.

Thank you, Narconon, and all the staff that put their heart into the program.

P.G., Narconon Graduate


Alina Snowden

Originally from Kentucky, Alina decided after changing her life that she wanted to help others understand the dangers of addiction and help families know what to do if their loved one is struggling. She now writes articles to spread awareness and positivity about how those with addiction problems can turn their lives around.