Aaron in Success Story
September 28, 2020

I Was Running From My Problems

I Was Running From My Problems When I first arrived at Narconon, my life, and every part of it was in disarray. I was an emotional wreck. I was never in the present moment; always stuck in past moments that happened in my life.


Aaron in Family Help
September 22, 2020

Forgiveness and Understanding

Forgiveness is essential for your loved one to remain sober. They will need forgiveness from two places. First, they will have to forgive themselves for the harm they have done. This will be extremely hard and likely one of the contributing factors to continued abuse—they have decided they would never forgive themselves.


Aaron in Success Story
April 23, 2020

I Blamed Everyone Else… But I Was Wrong

When I arrived at Narconon, I was in a dark state of mind. I had a lot of anger and thought it was everyone else’s fault. I was in danger of losing the best thing that ever happened to me; my wife, because in my mind, it was her fault. But I was wrong.


Chase Martin in Success Story
November 20, 2019

How I Found My Way Back: A True Story of Addiction and Recovery

“I grew up in suburbs of Idaho in a small mining town of 3000 people with small houses, a few convenience stores and lots of countryside. I was an only child. My parents fought a lot when I was growing up, but they maintained a relationship for me. They drank but never did drugs.”