Derek Heiblim—Director of Life Skills Services

Derek—Director of Life Skills Services
Derek Heiblim Director of Life Skills Services

Derek Heiblim is the Director of Life Skills Services at Narconon, where he oversees all the classroom delivery of the Narconon program once the student has completed the withdrawal and the New Life Detoxification steps, ensuring that each student can apply all the materials to their life so they become valuable contributing members of society.

Born in Newark, New Jersey, he excelled in wrestling in high school and received a scholarship to Rutgers University where he studied for three years. To support himself through Rutgers, he trained at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan and worked as a Chef in several restaurants throughout New York.

Derek learned to appreciate reading and the joy of cooking from his father, two activities he enjoys to this day. But his true passion for helping others was born in the struggles he encountered as he conquered an addiction to heroin, attending several different rehabs before successfully attaining sobriety through the Narconon New Life Retreat program in 2008.

He relocated to Louisiana and in 2009, began the training and education which would lead him to his current path as a Narconon staff member. As a Counselor in Training he has completed the Narconon Life Skill Supervisor training as well as the Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Instructor Training from the Crisis Prevention Institute.

Derek lives in Denham Springs, Louisiana where he cooks for his wife Courtney. They both enjoy traveling, spending time with dog and their careers helping others.