Teen Dies of Heroin Overdose in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cierra Adams, 17, died of a heroin overdose in Cincinnati, Ohio last weekend. The Batesville native drove to Cincinnati to obtain heroin. She died in Batesville at a friend’s house on the eve of her 18th birthday.

Cincinnati authorities say that there has been a spike in heroin overdose cases. Coroner Dr. Anant Bhati was quoted by WLWT TV as saying, “It looks like heroin is a problem and is increasing. It is easily available right now and at a cheaper cost.”

Karen Adams, Cierra’s mother, says that heroin is a problem in Batesville and in many other American small towns. She pointed out that people like to think they’re safe in a small town like Batesville but often are “just walking around with blinders on.”

Cincinnati, Ohio drug rehabs are coping as best they can with the rise in heroin addiction. An addiction to heroin is one of the most difficult to overcome.

Part of the reason heroin overdoses are on the rise in the Cincinnati area and in the nation at large is because OxyContin and other prescription opioids have been broadly abused and became a gateway drug to heroin.

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