New Oklahoma Alcohol Legislation for Boaters

New Oklahoma legislation seeks to make the alcohol consumption limit for boating the same as for driving. Currently, in Oklahoma you’re allowed to be more intoxicated on the water than on the land. In fact, the limit for navigating a boat is 25% higher than the limit for driving. 

A new bill will change all that. The sponsor of the bill, an Oklahoma legislator who owns a marina, says that the effects of alcohol are actually worse while on the water because of exposure to the sun and other factors.

A member of the Coast Guard stated that boating is actually more dangerous than driving. In fact, U.S. Coast Guard statistics state that more than 20% of all on-the-water fatalities are related to the use of alcohol.

Someone who is drinking alcohol is less likely to operate a boat carefully. He could unintentionally travel at excessive speeds and his reaction times slow.

Changing this law is a smart action for the Oklahoma legislature and one that will hopefully inspire other legislatures in states where the boating laws are more lax than the driving laws.

This legislation should be supported by an educational campaign alerting people to the dangers of drinking while boating and informing them of the new laws.

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