South Carolina Confronts Bath Salt Issues

After already sweeping through southern states, a new drug nicknamed ”bath salts” has begun showing up in South Carolina. Bath salts have nothing to do with bathing but are synthetic drugs sold under misleading labels by unscrupulous distributors. Packages of bath salts could contain one or several dangerous chemicals and are packaged for sale as plant food, jewelry or glass cleaner or as something you put in your bathtub “for a refreshing bath.”

By mislabeling these products, sellers can circumvent state drug laws and legally sell these substances to people looking for a high. Gradually, state laws catch up with the new chemicals hitting the market and when that happens, sellers can be shut down. In the meantime, bath salts users may come to harm or even overdose and die. 

One local South Carolina doctor stated that he thinks bath salt abuse may get out of control in South Carolina in coming years. The official statement from the South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services is that bath salt abuse hasn’t hit their radar yet. The truth is that there have been a dozen bath salt-related overdoses in Charleston emergency rooms in the past month.

Symptoms of bath salt overdose include skyrocketing heart rate, hallucinations, seizures, psychosis and even death. These chemicals are such strong stimulants that they can lead to cardiac arrest.

One of the problems with bath salts is that they cannot be detected by the usual drug screens used by businesses. So the drugs may be sought out by people who are subjected to drug testing on the job.

In South Carolina, the laws have not been changed to outlaw the types of chemicals used in bath salts. This is a major health hazard for South Carolina residents. As has been seen in other sates, bath salt abuse can skyrocket almost overnight.

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