48 Arrested in Large Drug Bust

The police force of Milwaukee succeeded in taking down a large drug ring, arresting 48 people and seizing thousands of dollars in heroin. These arrests were spread over a dozen counties, with one of them even taking place at a daycare center.

The police reported the drug sales from this ring took place in 20 cities across the state including Milwaukee, Brookfield, West Allis and Waukesha. One family who lived down the street from a house raided by the police said drug busts had taken place at that address on multiple occasions.

“We always suspected, but nothing more than marijuana, to be honest, because that’s kind of the drug of choice in Riverwest. We never would have suspected anything as hard as heroin,” the neighbor said.

Congratulations to the police in Wisconsin for their accomplishment in cleaning up cities across their state. The drug ring sold thousands of dollars’ worth of heroin each day. One of the reasons heroin is so dangerous is because it’s difficult to assess its potency. When someone is abusing heroin, they risk an overdose every time. 

The first step to preventing drug use as well as helping an addicted loved one is getting educated about the drugs that might be available in your area. This is why we offer free drug educational materials for all drugs. Please call us today for free drug educational materials. If you need a treatment center for a loved one, we can help with that as well.

Signs of Heroin Abuse:

    • Pinpoint pupils
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Needle marks or sores on arms and legs
    • Missing money or valuables
    • Neglecting responsibilities or hygiene
    • Academic or job performance decline
    • Inability to stay awake
    • Complains of constipation
    • Sleepiness or constant fatigue
    • Often leaves without telling you where he or she is going
    • Leaves behind syringes, tiny bags, burnt spoons or bottle caps, bits of cotton