Battle against Prescription Drug Abuse

In September 2010, a Wyoming law enforcement officer responded to a call from a man who had fallen down the side of a ravine. From the beginning, something seemed off. The man claimed he couldn’t feel his legs and when being airlifted said he was allergic to non-opiate medication. He was administered morphine but continued to complain of pain. By the end of his hospital visit, he received an alarming number of painkillers. The officer’s suspicions were confirmed when he learned that the man was already notorious in the region’s medical community. In one year, this ”frequent flier,” as reports labeled him, managed to obtain 2,913 doses of opiate painkillers – an average of nearly 250 per month.

This phenomenon is becoming more common as the prescription drug problem grows in Wyoming. Federal agencies are working hard to pass regulations to curb this growing problem. But if it becomes harder to obtain pills, many people migrate to the use of heroin which is more unpredictable in its effects and can easily become deadly. 

If you suspect that someone you care about is abusing prescription drugs, look for the signs below. If you do confirm your suspicions and find that your loved one is abusing these potentially deadly drugs, call us immediately to learn how we can help put that person on a stable, sober path. 

Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse:


  • Exaggerating pains to see a doctor
  • Driving long distances to see different doctors
  • Possessing prescriptions that don’t belong to them
  • Loose pills laying around
  • Searching for family members’ prescriptions
  • Pill bottles are missing some pills
  • Person is being reclusive or suffers mood swings
  • They have poor coordination or faulty memory
  • They seem overly tired, depressed, or suicidal

We can also provide the signs of drug abuse for all drugs.  Please contact us today for free drug educational materials. If anyone you know is showing signs of drug abuse, call us immediately so we can assist you in finding the recovery they need.