Executive Director

Cathy Steiner, CAS

Cathy Steiner, Executive Director
Cathy Steiner, Executive Director

As the Executive Director and one of the co-founders, Cathy Steiner has led Narconon New Life Retreat to its almost unprecedented growth, doubling in the twelve years since its grand opening in 2006. With over 40 years of experience in the non-profit sector, Cathy is a skilled administrator and has overseen all aspects of the management, from inception through the current expansion.

The desire to help others formed as she read classics as a teenager growing up in Walnut Creek, California. Books by John Steinbeck and George Orwell highlighting the plight of man and the untapped potential of human nature made a lasting impression. This taped a road of personal enrichment while assisting others to improve their quality of life.

Cathy has traveled throughout the United States and the world from the Galapagos Islands to Europe to Africa. Her educational pursuits which began at the University of Hawaii in the late 60’s, continue even today as she became certified as a Registered Addiction Specialist and later as a Certified Addiction Specialist. She considers founding and managing Narconon New Life Retreat as one of her greatest accomplishments.

After the establishment of Narconon New Life Retreat, she extended her knowledge to other treatment providers in the Narconon network, assisting in their growth and expansion. Her expertise in non-profit management not only benefits those who receive services from the non-profit, it includes the staff and executives who are not only challenged, they are mentored in order to take on greater roles to fulfill their purposes.

Cathy with Rescue Dog, Frankie

With an exceptional understanding of client needs and diligent attention to detail, treatment facilities under her direction experience both high client satisfaction and high program success rate.

Still an avid reader and a life-long dog lover, Cathy lives in a rural community adjacent to the Narconon facility with her two rescue dogs. She enjoys gardening, house restoration and renovation and downtime in her kitchen.

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