Alina Snowden in Addiction
December 22, 2023

Lying Isn’t The Easy Way Out

One of our graduates talks about how he constantly lied. Small lies became bigger lies until people stopped trusting him. Thanks to Narconon, he was able to gain his loved ones’ trust back and realize that lying isn’t the easy way out he thought it was.


Alina Snowden in Addiction
March 15, 2023

Unhealthy Relationships in Addiction

One of our graduates talks about how he was unfaithful and constantly lied to his ex. Over time the relationship deteriorated. Lying, cheating, and treating one another poorly is detrimental to a healthy relationship.


Alina Snowden in Family Help
August 15, 2022

The Dangers of Drug-Fueled Relationships

Many addicts are in drug-fueled relationships. They feel pressured to use drugs and may even think they have control because their partner will keep them in check. One of our graduates tells her story of how she was in a drug fueled relationship and how the drugs ended up taking control of her life.


Alina Snowden in Success Story
December 22, 2021

Not Letting the Past Define Me

Addiction and trauma seem to go hand in hand with some people. We interviewed a recovered addict to find out how his past relationships effected his addiction. This is his story and how it fueled his addiction.


Aaron in Addiction
August 26, 2019

What I Learned from Being in an Addicted Relationship

After years of using and selling drugs, as well as being in a very abusive relationship. I made the decision to check into detox in August 2016. I was in Boulder, CO for about 5-6 days and from there I moved into a co-ed sober living facility.


Aaron in Addiction
December 14, 2017

Drugged Relationships…

Getting sober takes hard work but just getting off drugs is one of the easier parts of the journey of recovery. It is getting your life back together after all the damage from your addiction that is a lot of hard work.


Daniel Humphreys in Family Help
May 15, 2017

The Distance Caused by Addiction

One of my earliest memories was when my dad took me to see my grandmother at my aunt and uncle's house. She gave me my first beer. I was three years old.…


Aaron in Success Story
May 8, 2017

Out with the Bad, Fixing the Good

“When I got to the part of the program where I had to address the people in my life, it was hard but handling and identifying the different personality types has helped me out a lot. It helped me differentiate between certain people in my life.


Cori Kertis, CIT in Addiction
January 26, 2017

Being an Addict and Loving an Addict

I’m wandering aimlessly through the house anticipating the next high. Our drug dealer finally comes through with a fix. Never on time, but he finally gets here.…