About the Idaho Meth Project

In Idaho, law enforcement, drug counselors and the Idaho state legislatures agree there has never been a drug as powerful, addictive, and quick to destroy lives and communities as methamphetamine. The social and financial consequences of meth are devastating. 

Idaho spends between $60 to $102 million to incarcerate and treat offenders who wound up in jail due to their problem with methamphetamine. This number represents between 32% and 55% of the Idaho Department of Corrections total budget. Fifty-five percent of Idaho inmates directly attribute their being in jail to their use of meth. And 89% of female offenders in county jail indicate they have a problem with meth.

As of 2007, 70% of Federal drug offenses in Idaho involved meth. Eighty percent of child placements by Health and Welfare are directly related to drug abuse, with meth being the most commonly-abused drug. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare spends an average of $500,000 per month on meth-related treatment.

The goal of the Idaho Meth Project is to significantly reduce the number of first-time meth users in Idaho. To achieve this goal, they have established a three-part program:

1. Public Service messaging

2.  Public Policy

3.  Community Action

By using the proven meth prevention program developed by the Montana Meth Project, Idaho officials can dramatically reduce the negative impact of meth in their state. 

Our drug abuse rehab program has been helping Idaho residents for years. For more information about rehabs in Idaho and to learn more about the Narconon Riverbend program, contact us now at 1-877-862-4326.