Methamphetamine in Paradise

Islands in Hawaii

When people think of Hawaii, the first things that come to mind are beaches, surfing, and vacations. It’s a distant exotic place that many people don’t realize struggles with drug addiction. Methamphetamine has been a growing problem on the island over the past three decades.

Strangely, many people outside of Hawaii have no idea of this problem. If you’re not actually from Hawaii or up-to-date on national drug news you would never suspect that the island is facing an epidemic of methamphetamine use. One report from the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) stated:

“The NDIC has identified Hawaii as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area because it supplies marijuana to the mainland and receives ice from California and Mexico.”

Sometimes referred to as “Ice,” meth is a strong and addictive stimulant. Use of meth is associated with rapid physical, mental and behavioral deterioration.

Signs of methamphetamine abuse are:

Meth shard from DEA
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety, paranoia and nervousness
  • Pick marks on face or body
  • Not sleeping for several days at a time
  • Unusually active and energetic
  • Significant drop in weight

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