Albuquerque, NM Deputies Speak on New Drug Trends

New Mexico hosted the Gangs, Drugs and Prosecution Conference this past weekend for law enforcement officials and prosecutors. The purpose of the conference was to provide law enforcement officials with additional training on subjects ranging from dealing with prison gangs to updates on new drug trends.

Among the keynote speakers was U.S. Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer.

Some of the new Albuquerque drug trends include the broad-scale abuse of Mexican black tar heroin. Black tar heroin is the most readily available type of heroin in the state. Because of the recent rise in opioid abuse nationwide, more Albuquerque, New Mexico residents are using heroin after abusing prescription drugs such as OxyContin.

New Mexico also has a problem with increasing gang activity. The two subjects are related as organized crime results in increased availability of drugs.

Of course, the real solution for drug abuse in New Mexico is effective Albuquerque, New Mexico drug rehabs and drug education. Currently, states spend up to fifty times as much money fighting drug trafficking than they do on rehabilitation and education. The investment must be balanced to include drug prevention and rehabilitation in equal measure to law enforcement activity.

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