Tampa, Florida receives DEA Museum of Science

Tampa Skyline

Target America: Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause is the name of the traveling museum exhibit provided by the Drug Enforcement Administration. This educational exhibit is now in Tampa, Florida at the Museum of Science and Industry. It covers 10,000 square feet and it will remain in Tampa through Sept 3, 2012.

The exhibit explores the science behind illegal drugs and addiction and educates visitors about the cost burden to every citizen as a result of drug abuse and trafficking.

Even though a majority of Americans do not use drugs, everyone bears the cost of its use in one way or another. That is why the Museum of Science and Industry has brought this exhibit to Tampa, Florida. The exhibit has one section that’s specific to Florida, offering insight into the ways local law enforcement officers fight this problem. This exhibit covers many aspects of drugs like law enforcement, prevention, treatment and the impact on the local economy.

Education is the answer to drug prevention for any state. Having this exhibit in the Tampa Bay Community may open eyes as to the real costs from drug use and abuse.

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