Florida House Passes Sweeping Prescription Drug Reforms

In response to nationwide pressure to effect sweeping reforms to its prescription drug laws, the Florida House has passed some of the toughest prescription drug regulations in the United States.

The bill directly addresses the problem of Florida-based “pill mills” by stiffening penalties and enforcing strict monitoring of prescriptions. Before the passage of this bill, Florida was one of the hottest spots in the country to obtain quantities of pills for misuse or sale.

While some pharmacy owners may have complained that the legislation is bad for business, many pharmacies in the Tampa, Miami, and Orlando areas have been frequented far too many times by the addicted or drug dealers who traveled from out of state to obtain drugs they would abuse or sell back home.

The bill was passed almost unanimously, with only one legislator voting against it. Before the vote, some legislators took the floor to share personal stories of friends and family members who had gotten hooked on prescription drugs. Some of these people were able to find effective drug rehabs for their loved ones; others weren’t so lucky.

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