Florida Governor to Sign Pill Mill Legislation

Florida flag with Gavel

According to news sources, Florida Governor Rick Scott will sign a bill that was passed unanimously by both the state House and Senate to regulate “pill mill” activity in Florida.

The Florida government has received pressure from other states for its failure to deal with the proliferation of unscrupulous pain management clinics resulting by Florida’s lax regulation of these clinics and pharmacies. For years, drug dealers from all over the U.S. have been traveling to Florida where they can see a doctor in an unscrupulous pain management clinic and then fill a prescription in a pharmacy that won’t ask any questions.

Prescription drug abuse is skyrocketing. It’s our fastest growing form of substance dependence. Demand for these drugs drives some criminals to go at any lengths to obtain pills to sell. Interstate 75 became nicknamed ”Oxy Express” because of the number of people who would drive down from Ohio, Kentucky or Tennessee to get OxyContin and other drugs in Florida. In some states, OxyContin and other painkillers will sell for $1.00 per milligram.

Governor Rick Scott opposed this bill for quite a while, citing privacy concerns for Florida residents. But critics claimed that ties to pharmaceutical companies were the reason for his opposition.

There are enough votes in the Florida House and Senate for this bill that any effort on his part to veto it would be pointless because his veto could be easily overturned.

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